As an intern you will experience real-world application of media production and gain knowledge of various digital mediums. An internship at SyncMedia primes you for future in-house work at other companies or with media production studios. You’ll benefit from the guidance of world-class film-makers and leave the experience with a portfolio of polished work.

What you will get:

Hands on, practical, on the job training so you can actually put your film school skills to use.
Access to all of the finished material that you help to create so that you can create your own amazing show reel and portfolio.
A great opportunity to gain experience that will lead full-time employment with a video production house after graduation.

This internship is great for:

Film school students looking to get practical experience.
Camera Operators/Videographers looking to create a great portfolio/show reel and get exposure to an audience from the US, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.
Anyone who wants to get an exclusive insight into how to harness the power of YouTube and online video marketing.

What we are looking for in an intern/our interns:

Must be comfortable using DSLR cameras.
Willingness to learn new techniques.
Fun, outgoing personality with ability to present in front of camera a bonus but not essential.
Own equipment and transport a bonus but not essential.
We are vey flexible in terms of time commitment. All we ask for is at least 1-2 days availability every week.


Internships are available during the spring, summer and fall semesters. To be considered you must include your resume, portfolio, and a brief bio.